Introduction Of Pars Energy-gostar Drilling and Exploration Company

Explore the earth to drilling wells

Pars Energy Gostar Drilling & Exploration Company carries out its activities and interacts with its employees, suppliers and customers based on honesty and quality. We are committed to all our stakeholders in the value chain of the company.

As a drilling contractor working in Engineering, Procurement, Drilling and Drilling Services, we are proud that can successfully pass all challenges relying on our expert human capitals.

Company activities

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We think about quality of final products and satisfaction of customers. Integrated operation at technical and engineering department of the company is the principle and main policy. The integrity is seen in all engineering, services, geology, drilling fluids, supervision and operations departments.


To better cooperate with employers, Pars Energy Gostar Drilling & Exploration Company offers integrated technical drilling services and supplied the mentioned services (such as: tubular running services, slick line services, welltest & stimulation) to different employers of four great projects. 


Considering experiences of the company in drilling gas and oil wells and offering civil-supporting services for different projects, this deputyship is responsible to realize objectives of the organization through carrying out operations and offering appropriate services to other departments of the organization.


PEDEX began its activities as a service company in drilling and exploration of gas and oil. Investing to purchase and commission of land drilling equipment as well as training and employing experts within 20 years,PEDEX changed from a drilling contractor to a capable company to carry out drilling projects as EPD. 

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